2020-2021 MArch Design for Performance and Interaction, Bartlett, University College London

2016-2020 BA(Hons) Fine Art Central Saint Martin 4D Pathway-First Class Honours

2015-2016 Foudation of Fine Art,Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts-Distinction


2020-2021 CORE Menber of SPUR Artist in residenct by Chaos Magic, NOTTINGHAM

2018 In-situ Residency, HONGKONG


2023 Invites: 00 Zhang , Zabludowicz Collection, LONDON

2022 Shattered Heliocentric Orbit, Broadway Gallery, NOTTINGHAM

2018 LING ZHANG at In-situ Residency, HONGKONG


2022 Collaborator of Onassis Stegi Publication “Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition”


Student of the year 2015-16 Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

Student rep for BAFA at CSM 2017-18

Student rep for BAFA at CSM 2019-20


2023 HYPEBEAST red: New Blood

2023 HYPEBEAST screen shot: Chinese born London based artist 00 Zhang

2022 Golden Alchemist Gallery interview with 00 Zhang: Reality is a meta game

2022 IN-HUBxICONIC: Interactive artist 00 Zhang and her prograssive world

2022 The Harrods Hive: Art in the Frame with artist Ethan Wenrui Liu, 00 Zhang, Jiayu Liu

2022 British Design: Web3 artist interview 00 Zhang

2022 NearNow: Shattered Heliocentric Orbic an exhibition by 00 Zhang

2022 Vogue Business China:  Artist in Fashion and game industry in web3.0

2022 Artnet: Exhibition  Cosmicus Ephemeroptera by spaceartdao

2021 IUVENTA Interview: 00 Zhang Programming the future in digital era

2021 GATA Megazine: Paradox of the Future: GATA introduces 00ZHANG

2020 NOW-Showing Eva Lin in conversation with 00 Zhang

2020 BIFT University: Individuals  under the circumstances of demension by QingGuo youth designer forum

2020 RCA x UAL|00.zhang x Malu:Himiko

2019 Beijing Mingsheng Art Museum: Becoming: Digital Aesthetics and digital art

2018 LING ZHANG Artist Talk at TongLau Space, HONGKONG

2018 Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum: “Becoming” forum


2023  Supersublime, GIANT,  Bournemouth

022 The Harrods Hive HKRI Taikoo Hui, 789 Nanjing West Road, SHANGHAI

2022 The Production of Post-Truth, Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, LONDON

2022 Kissaten/Tea Room, University College London, LONDON

2022 Escape before the Heat Death of the Universe: the Digital “Peach Blossom Paradise” and Virtual Hedonism, Thetis S.p.A. Castello, VENICE

2022  Cosmicus Ephemeroptera Powered by Space Art DAO, sealed in CERES-1 an artwork-carrying satellite, UNIVERSE

2021 Now-Showing Before Rejuvenation at Shanghai Coutts Art Center, SHANGHAI

2020 Curtain Call at Shop Front, LONDON

2020 Digital Advanture 2817 by Arthive crossover Labelhood at Shanghai Fashion Week, SHANGHAI
2018 On Not Knowing, British Museum, LONDON

2018 Till 00:00:61, 5th Base Gallery, LONDON

2016 Inside-Out at King Street Window, CAMBRIDGE

2016 Serendipity project at 1933 Art Space, SHANGHAI

2016 End of year exhibition at King street space, CAMBRIDGE


2021 Post 2020 Experiment at arebyte Gallery, Arebyte online platform AOS

2021 Protptype0016: ‘ἄγγελος’  at Kupfer Project Space 213, LONDON

2020 NOW-Showing: Post Mass Media at UAL ONLINE


2020 13/03/20 Himiko CHELSEA College of Arts, LONDON

2020 Untitled TATE exchange program, TATE Modern, LONDON

2019 Orange TATE exchange program, TATE Modern, LONDON