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............the paradox of the FUTURE

00 Zhang
Visual artist
currently based in London      

00’s practice spans across performance installations and virtual installations. The essence of the artist’s work is the intersubjectivity between these registered mediums. 00 intertwines embodiment with assemblage, and elaborate cybernetic concepts are exhibited in her complex narratives. She combines real-world imagery and coded virtuality to depict an integration of agent and environment.
Work List (PDF) avaliable upon request. A signed Non-disclosure Agreement will be required.



Prototype0021 is a mix reality (MR)metagame experience for gamers, it has both MR and pc version based on same game mechanics. The story happened inside a programmer’s consciousness. this programmer suffers from bipolar disorder and experiencing an emotional breakdown. Combine with an alternate reality game employs transmedia storytelling to deliver a story. The core of work is relationship and the cross overs between virtual and actual registers.

Space is collapsing, everything turns disappear. Players play as “a moment of thoughts” inside this world of infinite subconscious, extract information through a shared maze-like world. Audience choose to subscribe to this meta experience, which they will get an letter one week before the game officially lunched. This letter/email contains the first Internet puzzle which were to be solved, and a mysterious pattern they will see in the gallery later. The game itself constructed by a series of clues and referenced books harkening back to ancient occult mystery schools and connecting it to modern day technologies and existentialism.

The project aims to explore metaphorical narrative that integrates insights of spatial cognition in the form of narrative metaphor. Everything increasingly emphasizes the visual – including text, to the detriment of textuality.

Prototype 0019

1920 x 1080 animation Prototype0019 (2020). Made with Cinema 4D. Contain 39million hair collider. Artist 00 Zhang @aio0o0o0 Curated by @hervisions

The elf named Prototype0019, which in 00’s metaverse every living entity will be assigned a serial number: as if No.16 is an alien creature trapped in a time crack, no.14 is a reproduction machine. They are the shadows of us and the virtual world. They are virtual devices that cross disciplines; they involve more science, invisible energy, technology, and the mystery of electronics.

The aesthetic implication of this is to throw stable order into the wind of becoming. In which new fusions of technology and sense, aesthetics and ethics, virtuality and actuality can all be combined in new ways without thinking of limitation. As an individual, the body subject is to continually transform but likewise so does that of culture, which forms it's background shifts as a consequence. In this way, identity tends towards instability, particularly of the technology.

With our absence of the physical world, the fusion of technology and senses, aesthetics and ethics, virtuality and reality are like bubbles of effervescent tablets. It is a new language and open source information, forming a new cloud of resistance.

A digital echo of a delicate conviction powered by the blockchain.


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