Prototype 0014 parti + part ii

Virtual installation
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An AR experience out of city of wonders:

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Now a days with the sign of the future world come in to reality. The stone shows up in variety cities in the world: London, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc…. People should start to take care of our environment to avoid the critical condition for living in the future.

Centuries later; Pollution threaten the ecology of the planet, this critical condition reduced chances of animals’ survival and reproduction. With the irradiation from inside as well as out, Cyber-doctor invented a new principle of reproduction via a machine that absorb and filtered the energy from environment. This machine called “Prototype0014”.

This sculpture is a model of the “Prototype0014”, located in the city garden. It is more colourful than the original machine to increase the aesthetic access to public but does not lose its form. The sculpture actuated by the “Mechanical trees”. 1Those fantasy plants absorb energy from the ground. On this fictional planet, the ground become the colour out of space2 (pink) due to the industrial penetration. Water, food and mechanical parts send up to “mud” 3 (which represented the mutagen) through the transparent tubes. Every time when there is life form dropped, butterflies4 come out.

The kinetic sculpture itself is a self-forming, boundary maintain, contingent, dynamic and stable under the conditions of city of wonder. I wanted to exaggerated the contradiction between human and machine during the process that machine take over the role for human reproduction; at the same time, this algorithm-driven dystopia breaks the dichotomy of “human” and “artificial intelligence”. And also, the sculpture is an eye attracting sign that warn citizens to protect the environment.

Foot note:
1.Mechanical trees: Image3-4: two forms of the mechanical trees Mechanical trees are the actuators of the entire machine/sculpture. The tubes behind it absorb the energy from ground. The left-hand side shape is the original form, the right-hand side is the transformation when the tube is absorbing energy.

2.the colour out of space: " The Colour Out of Space " is a science fiction/horror short story by American author H. P. Lovecraft, written in March 1927.

3.“mud”: Mud is actually a kind of mutagen.(see image 5) The “Mud” is a chemical substance, which causes genetic mutation; its where all post-creatures born. Image5: the dark unshaped part in this image is the “mud”

4.butterflies: Butterflies are extinct on this fictional planet; People commemorate this extinct creature by created the solar mechanical butterfly. (see as image6). This mechanical butterfly will appear at every moment when a new life alternates with the death. Children live in city of wonder love this mechanical butterfly very much.

5.stone: The stone is a sign. It will rise when the machine being turned on. It’s at the top of the whole kinetic sculpture.