Prototype0021 PC

PC Game with Concept film
Prototype0021 is a game for gamers, it has both MR and pc version based on same game mechanics. The story happened inside a programmer’s consciousness. this programmer suffers from bipolar disorder and experiencing an emotional breakdown. Space is collapsing, everything turns disappear. Players play as “a moment of thoughts” inside this world of infinite subconscious, extract information through a shared maze-like world. Through the process of going through every corridor, some places have invisible walls that can be triggered. Every time they went through a wall players will hear a voice reading some poems, they project fragments of thought. Players should figure out what’s going on inside this programmer’s mind within a limited time, via assembled information. Each level represents different layers of consciousness,and the timer limits incremented, everything seems to be static in the deep mind sea. There is a hidden game feature is at the middle of level 2. It will unlock by using certain techniques went to the certain spot and trigger the right wall at chapter 2. Players have a chance to get this English novel, and this e-book will send to their email. This novel is a story about a programmer communicating with an alien consciousn ess, and their thoughts of aesthetics.