Prototype 0030 Iteration
Found object led light panel, 3D printed PLA resin, stainless steel, acrylic, aluminium panel, florescent tubes, motor, Arduino, hydraulic system, and ultrasonic sensor
dimensions: 100 x 67 x 30

I found this led panel in winter with my friend Yu. Few months later I saw a butterfly stand on the top of it.
I tried to connect myself to this panel; press enter. I fade into gaps between shattered porcelain blocks on wall, seeing whole streets aligned panels within the invisible space constructed by memory.

As distorted metal sit with amber enclosed a tiny and moist basement. I loaded this slice of sky, it formed my breath.

Thanks for my technical support team
Interaction design: @xiaoting.ttt
Mechanical engineering: @qiqi77malz
Installation view Invites at Zabludowicz
Collection, London, 2023. Photo: Tim Bowditch
#00Zhang #installationimages #gaming #gamingart
#futuristic #artexhibition #freeart