Prototype0016 AngelosAR exhibition at London

ἄγγελος (or ‘angelos’) is a creature that was born from gravitational waves, which are disturbances in the curvature of spacetime. The Greek word ‘angelos’ means messenger, implying the role of angels as messengers of God and intermediaries between God and humans. Similar to these spiritual beings, the creature is a mediator which connects a ‘portal’ between the Real world and the Reverse side.

Every ‘ἄγγελος’ is a component of the tangible link which binds this binary system. If two ‘ἄγγελος’ get close enough, they can gravitationally distort the space in between them, creating a liminal zone in limbo between both worlds—the virtual and non-virtual.

The ‘portal,’ permitting travel between the t
wo worlds, has closed, leaving this ἄγγελος trapped in the system, neither in the Real world nor the Reverse. It roams this nowhere space looking for something to realise itself within.

00Zhang comes across ἄγγελος through a glitch during a system update. The creature is suddenly activated and downloaded into the Real world, ending up by chance in the 213 Parking space. This invisible ἄγγελος is a shy, mystical creature, its energy fills the space— and in this way becomes the space itself.



Unit 5,  The Textile Building,

2a Belsham Street,

E9 6NG, London
United Kingdom