Concept film
Interactive installation on Wall
Prototype0021(Meta) is a mix reality (MR)metagame expe

rience combine with an alternate reality game employs transmedia storytelling to deliver a story. The core of work is relationship and the cross overs between virtual and actual registers. Audience choose to subscribe to this meta experience, which they will get an letter one week before the game officially lunched. This letter/email contains the first Internet puzzle which were to be solved, and a mysterious pattern they will see in the gallery later. The game itself constricted by a series of clues, and referenced books ha rkening back to ancient occult mystery schools and connecting it to modern day technologies and existentialism. The project aims to explore metaphorical narrative that integrates insights of spatial cognition in the form of narrative metaphor. Everything increasingly emphasizes the visual – including text, to the detriment of textuality. The visual is becoming one of the necessary components of recognition. Virtual is an adaptation.