Shattered Heliocentric Orbit

An exhibition by 00 Zhang

Shattered Heliocentric Orbit is 00 Zhang’s first solo exhibition.

Prototype 0021-0026 is a series of artworks, a world and a narrative.
Using extended reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and complex 3D printing procedures, the exhibition presents a futuristic site, where art is seen as an ‘archaic information processing system’.

‘Within the armor is the butterfly and within the butterfly is the signal from another star.’ — Philip K. Dick

CERES-1 is an escaped rocket now in orbit around earth. Traveling across space-time, it shifts magic-mechanical-memory, capturing users thoughts and uploading them to its server: Prototype 0023.
The main protagonist Zero is a sentient data entity, a real time live language, which continually regenerates throughout the network. Their life is interpreted by Ephemeral; an English coder. Their conversations span philosophical questions related to memory, oblivion, and image.

“How long did it take you?”
“Approximately one-millionth of a nanosecond. I was about how all things are related, from disorder to order...”
“...History is unstable, technology breaks through spatiotemporal boundaries; we are experiencing a post-historical time.”
“Exactly, A new generation of culture.”

List of Works:

00 Zhang
Prototype 0026, 2022. Interactive installation and semiconductor fridge, 3m x 3m x 0.3m

00 Zhang
Prototype 0022-23, 2022. Interactive remote database + Leap motion control installation, dimensions variable

00 Zhang
Prototype 0021(Meta), 2021. Set of 2, 70cm diameter

00 Zhang
Prototype 0021(PC), 2021. 3 channel video (looped)

00 Zhang
0. An evolving generative Worlding with text

Music: Yeule

Technical support: Mark Huang, Junyu Luo, Xiaoting Tan
Space Technology Sponsors: Rocket CERES-1 Powered by Galactic Energy Space Technology Co.
Special Thanks: Wen Xiao, University College London Public Arts,

Prototype0021 film production team
Scenographer: Yinuo
Sound Artist: Jordan Edge
Voice over: Nora Bzheta
Stylist: Fei Fang
Clothing: Tenzin Sia
Accessories: Yudai Ono
Casting: Eelis Mässeli, Maggie Menghan Chen, Cosmic Caz, Rufus King-dabbs, Ari Black
Cinematographer: Misha Omelchuk
Assistants: Yiming Gong, Xiaoting Tan, Teng Xue

Broadway Gallery
17 Heathcoat Street,