Prototype 0028 Embryo
3D printed PLA resin, stainless steel, acrylic, Arduino, LED light strips and motor
Object dimensions: 75 x 78 x 68 cm

I aimed to create a blank, liminal space much like an undeveloped game environment or ‘plane’ – a term from game theory referring to a transition between levels; That serves as a portal into the cohesive environment construct by consciousness I developed called The Zone. The floor was transformed into a pristine white surface, while the fixtures and fittings were covered in white vinyl, leaving only the windows untouched.
This installation are the same as virtual entities: The embyro have the same digital starting point and serve as portal in my overarching story: a giant eye programmed with AI tracking that follows players’ every move and pulls them out of this world and into the next.

Thanks for my technical support team
Interaction design: @xiaoting.ttt
Mechanical engineering: @qiqi77malz
Installation view Invites at Zabludowicz
Collection, London, 2023. Photo: Tim Bowditch
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