Special Thanks

To those who came into my life
To those who choose to trust me and help me
To those who became my family
To those who I will spend my rest life to love and support.

Without them
I am not 00 that you know
They made my dream come true
That they made my life meaningful.


Julia  Greenway
Joey Holder

Invites 2023

Game OST & Show BGM
Musician: Yeule
Academic support: Kevin Walker
Game Dramaturg: Yinuo
Player Guide  Graphic Designer: Ruiqi Li

Technical support team:
Management & Interaction Designer:
Xiaoting Tan
Mechanical Engineering:
Qi Qi
Technical Artist:
Graham Wu
Additional Technical Artist:
Eason Ma
Game Designer:
Mathieu Bissonnette

Work Credits

Technical support:
Xiaoting Tan
Qi Qi

Music: Yeule
Technical support:
Mark Huang
Junyu Luo

Rocket CERES-1 Powered by Galactic Energy Space Technology Co.
University College London Public Arts

Technical support:
Junyu Luo
Model:Yu Chao
Photo: Shang You

Prototype0021 film production Team
Scenographer: Yinuo
Sound Artist: Jordan Edge
Voice over: Nora Bzheta
Stylist: Fei Fang
Wearing: Tenzin Sia
Accessories: Yudai Ono
Cinematographer: Misha Omelchuk
Eelis Mässeli
Maggie Menghan Chen
Cosmic Caz
Rufus King-dabbs
Ari Black
Yiming Gong
Xiaoting Tan
Teng Xue

Special Thanks to my friend from Azeroth


Air Jordan FA 23 Frozen moment
presented by 00 Zhang
Co-direction:00&Yinuo Chen
Style&MUA:Yinuo Chen
Cinematographer&Video editor:Dorisluming
Light OP:Yifan Wu
Photographer:Hung-Jui Tsao
VFX: Carlos Minozzi 
Music:Yu Chao
CGI: 00&Jericho
Color Grading:Zhe Song
Drone:Luyang Zou

Oscar Ouyang
Neon Lee
Rachel Harrision

Special thanks to
PhD Nutrition
Bortz Collective
Scarlett Zhang
Xiang Zhang
Kaiyuan Wang
Michael Moursi
Luca Wowczyna 
David Shen

Peacekeeper Elite League X BALENCIAGA
CGI Artist