The Overture of prototype series  

The Prototype series is a world-building practice that consists of a sequencing of works that I have been building in past few years. World building is an evolutive notion of what an experience and concept can be, it grows and changes into an altered and expanded version through feedback and research. The whole immersive experience consists of variety art forms across sculpture, installation and the interactive gaming work. With this practice, I am building an imaginary world that occupies the real space and engage viewers to transit between reality and the virtual world.  


Interactive immersive environment can be a new form of engagement that reach the massive audience of this borderless global industry. Aesthetics of games as part of artistic practice integrate, modify, and subvert the visual language of video games to address issues of our Identity and cultural migration with virtual and actual world. The Prototype series is focusing on the aspects of contemporary generation who have multicultural background– a experience of living from dystopian east London to into a futuristic otherworld. 


The players portray a band of brave travelers constantly lured to new and uncharted territory to overcome the crippling sorrow of estrangement; They are always pushed by a great curiosity and experiencing the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true home. I have also brought the idea of "exile" from Edward Siad to light a critique of the ramifications of exile juxtaposed against the notion of belonging, showing that a thought process beyond the immediate imagination shapes the exile's intellectual expression. There is a constant awareness between the physical exile and the metaphor arising out of the imposition which allows the exiled intellectual to question with freedom. The interactive nature gaming allows for explore the duality existing in both sides – one in the digital realm with chosen community, and another in the physical world, which can feel somewhat foreign.  


Allegorized the reality of contemporary life, that the identity and cultural migration is not only attached to borders, cultural identities, gender and religion but also the rise of technology, the hegemony of big data and envisions a future in which machines, non-human entities, and digital landscapes coexist.