@aio0o0o0 is an Artist IP by 00 Zhang, supported by 00 and her friends.

@aio0o0o0 is a study and experiment of world building within across media, Departs from 00's fine art practice that dynamicly approches topics on narrative medium, expend the philosophy of possible worlds, including literature, games, CGI, Immersive experience, the internet culture and more. This interdisciplinary practice cross over with musicians, fashion brands, video games and e sports.

00 is on the process of building her ongoing imaginary world...

Selected Commissions

2020 CGI+ 3d environment production for Shanghai Fashion Week AW2020

2021 CG&VFX ABD Abandom Normal Device Festival Liverpool

2021 CGI for  Nike X AMBUSH sacai Off-White™ FA 21 Tokyo Olympics

2021 CG assets for Dior,  L'Officiel editorial

2021 CGI for Jesy Nelson Noctis xxi Magazine

2022 CGI + Live Visual for Yeule at Southbank Center

2022 CGI + Creative Consultation for Canada Goose & Kaya Chie

2022 CGI for Final TaiPei


2022 CGI for Polyphia Visualizer RiseRecord

2022 CG&VFX + Live Visual for 3hd Festival Berlin, via Creamcake

2022 CG&VFX for Harrods exclusive Shanghai Fashion Week 2022



For all enquires please contact : aio0o0o0@outlook.com

London FW 2023

Lead Artist and Technical Artist for COLONII Virtual Habitat

Team up with

Co Founder

Luke Nugent

Aileen Carville

Lead Character Artist


3D Fashion Designer

Giovana De Bona


COLONII is an immersive virtual habitat that combines fashion, technology and storytelling. In this enchanting setting, each character inhabits their own unique space, reflecting their unique personalities and experiences - giving you a window into the world from which they originate. Acting as portals to moments where time is suspended, these “pods” invite you to explore a wealth of memories, emotions and adventures. As Colony continues to evolve, expect new characters, stories, and environments to explore, making every visit an exciting adventure. The Colonian habitat is more than just a backdrop for the characters; it's vital to their survival. You will encounter a diverse and fantastic landscape where fashion is a form of communication and the extraordinary is commonplace. Explore a world where the lines between dreams and reality are blurred, where the habitats are as enchanting as the characters that call it home.
Air Jordan FA 23 Frozen Moment


Co-direction:00&Yinuo Chen

Style&MUA:Yinuo Chen

Cinematographer&Video editor:


Light OP:Yifan Wu 

Photographer:Hung-Jui Tsao

VFX: 00&Carlos Minozzi

Music:Yu Chao 

CGI: 00&Jericho 

Color Grading:Zhe Song

Drone:Luyang Zou 

Executive Producer:XiaomeiWu

Assistant: Yadi Wang


Oscar Ouyang 

Neon Lee 

Rachel Harrision


PhD Nutrition 

Bortz Collective 

Special thanks:

Scarlett Zhang 

Xiang Zhang 

Kaiyuan Wang

Michael Moursi

Luca Wowczyna 

David Shen 

James Hammond

3hd Festival Berlin

3hd Festival Berlin


Peacekeeper Elite League X BALENCIAGA

Peacekeeper Elite League Summer 2022

Highest level professional league for Peacekeeper Elite, a Chinese rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. Cross over with 
Team up with @jellycoke3 @yu.alvinyu @aio0o0o0 @kanakguo